In addition to the rehearsals of orchestra, the register-courses and leisure time, there are going to be also Ensemble-Courses in the afternoon. Everyone has to choose one of these and add it to the registration.



Peeter Margus: Brass Ensemble

The main aim of the brass ensemble is on playin traditional and famous music by heart  and entertain the audience. Although special breathing and playin techniques are treated. 

Brass ensemble

Joanna Lewis: String Music Ensemble

The string ensemble is in a sense a classical string chamber orchestra set up, but performs written works from different genres.
Over the years we have have built up a large repertoire including Phillip Glass, Max Nagl, Allegre Correa, Joanna Lewis, Jazz standards arranged for strings, Beatles and Film Music.
2017 there will be played a piece of Philip Glass.

String Music Ensemble

Nicolas Vicquenault: World Music Ensemble

Style: african and oriental music, with beat in 5 or 7 and singers are very welcome.

Free space for improvisation. 

World Music Ensemble

Paul Stouthamer: Jazz and Improvisation course

Jazz methodology for improvisation for all instruments and levels. We work by ear and apply basic improve theory to our instruments. I choose the repertory depending on the instrumentation.

Jazz and Improvisation course

Antonia Haslinger: Film, Acting and Design ITS BACK!

Following the success of the last years, starting with our spontaneous video-project in 2014, the fixed course in 2015 and a small break in 2016 - there will be another project in 2017!
You neither have to be creative nor eloquent. Also you don"t need experience. It"s all about the fun. Everybody, who would like a bit of variety to his instrument, is welcome. We have room for everybody and every talent. Join us and let"s create something special!

Film and Design